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One of the biggest benefits of Lutron’s suite of lighting control products is how easy it is to set the lighting levels in your home to your chosen preferences. A lighting control system creates the ability to control all of your home’s lighting together. For instance, one button press can turn on six dimmers, each to the ideal brightness for the task at hand, whether it is relaxing with a book, watching a movie, or cleaning.


Lutron Smart Home Lighting in Great Room

Convenience is the primary benefit of owning a lighting control system, but there are several other important benefits. Home security systems can be enhanced by controlling the lights during an alarm situation, turning on to full brightness inside the home and flashing outside to quickly identify the troubled home for authorities. Built-in time clock capabilities allow all of the lighting in your home to be automatically controlled to simulate occupancy while you are away, deterring potential intruders.


Lutron Smart Lighting outdoors at night

Lighting controls offer many ways to help the environment, while beautifying your home. Lutron dimmers and lighting control systems let you use just the right amount of light, reducing electricity usage and extending bulb life. Lighting accounts for almost 20% of the average homeowner's monthly electric bill. Lutron dimmers and controls save energy 24/7 as every dimmer automatically saves 4-9% in electricity — even at the highest lighting level. Let us work with you to design a personalized system.